Sathdhar Waterfall

Sathdhar Waterfall

Sathdhar – 6Km far from Barsoor there is a bridge which connects Abhujmaad with Barsoor. The bridge is on the Indravati river and before it, there is a trek of around 2km to reach the waterfall. Indravati waterfall streams separated by seven sub-streams and flow through rocky terrain and form this wonderful waterfall.

Situated on river Indravati, Sathdhar waterfall is an important natural delectable place. Seven distributaries of river Indravati flowing midst the attractive scission of rocks, fall into entrenchment. Therefore, this place is distinguished by the name of Sathdhar. Undoubtedly, this place revives Bedaghat. Masses come to the other bank of the river, 7kms.away from Barsoor to view Indravati valley and this waterfall. For the convenience of tourists, access route and rest house are needed. Multi-purpose Bodhghat hydro-electric project on this waterfall is still pending. This place is considered as the southern gateway of Abujhmarh. Tourists also go to visit Tular Cave and Handawada Waterfall, the highest waterfall of river Indravati. Tourists reaching Barsoor also witness the enthralling Mardum valley and reach Chitrakote.

The tourism department in the Indian sub continent has been one of the main sources of the government’s income. The abundance of natural beauty and the deep historical roots of this country draw travelers from India and abroad. Nestled by the thick forests of teak and sal, is the beautiful town of Dantewada in the Chhattisgarh district which came into being in the year 1998. Till then, it was just a tehsil of the larger Bastar District. Among many Tourist Attractions in Dantewada, the Bodhghat Sat Dhar, Dantewada is an outstanding place to be.

The river Indrawati being divided into seven parts at a distance of 6 km from Barsoor (a tiny town situated on the banks of river Indrawati), gives rise to a waterfall. This waterfall, the Bodhghat Sath Dhar is a magnificent scenic experience providing the most wanted moments of calm and quiet to the troubled urban brain.

The gorgeous surroundings of this Waterfall in Dantewada generate an enchanting aura of serenity and peace. The thick forests of teak and sal, the mountains, the river – everything go on to accentuate the beauty of the place.

One of the beautiful Waterfalls in Dantewada the Bodhghat Sat Dhar, Dantewada, is a wonderful experience. On your Tour to Dantewada, please pay a visit to the Bodhghat Sat Dhar, Dantewada, which is bound to leave you spellbound.

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