Satmahala Shiv Temple


Satmahla is a historical place in the state of Chhattisgarh. It is located in Surguja district. It is about ten km from Lakhanpur, south of Ambikapur. Kalcha is situated in the village.

There are seven ruins in this historical place of Chhattisgarh.
According to local beliefs, there were seven huge Shiva temples in ancient times, while according to the tribes, this place had the ‘Sapta courtyard palace’ of a king in ancient times.
There are many scenic spots here, among which are the ‘Shiva temple’, the ‘Shatbhujakar well’ and ‘Surya Pratima’.

At Satmahla, there are scattered places of archaeological importance, which have not been taken by the government administration in the direction of maintenance, due to which there is a possibility of destruction and theft of these heritage of historical importance.
The Archaeological Department has declared the Satmahla area as protected, but what has been done in the direction of its conservation is not visible.

30 km from Surajpur The remains of the ancient palace and temple are scattered in distant ‘Devgarh’ and ‘Kalacha’, which need to be maintained. In Satmahla, where there are the remains of seven palaces, there are also 10 ponds at the same place, which indicates the concern towards the conservation of water at the time.

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