Shitala Mai Sihaava

Shitala Mai Sihaava

Sheetla Mai Sihav Dhamtari is a famous Hindu goddess of Sheetla Mata. They are very much recognized since ancient times. A very ancient temple of Maa Sheetla is located in Sihawa city of Chhattisgarh. In the Skanda Purana, the vehicle of Sheetla Devi is described as a garb. They hold urn, soup, marjan (broom) and neem leaves in hand. She has been told by the Goddess of many diseases like smallpox.These things have symbolic value. A chicken pox takes off clothes in anxiety. Soup is done to the patient, smallpox boils burst from the broom. Neem leaves do not let the pods rot. The patient loves cold water, so the Kalash is important. Smallpox stains erase smallpox stains.In the Shitla-temples, Mata Sheetla is often shown sitting on the neck. In the Skanda Purana, the hymn of their archana is obtained as a Sheetlashtak. It is believed that this source was written by Lord Shankar in the public interest. Sheetlashtak sings the glory of Shitala Devi, as well as motivates devotees to worship her. This mantra has been told in the scriptures for the worship of Bhagwati Sheetla.

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