Shiv Temple Kirari Godi


This memorial is located 30 km from Bilaspur (Via – Bilaspur Railway Station) in Kirari Godhi village on the banks of a small stream. The renovation work of this temple has been done and the scattered statues have been displayed in the temple council.

I was very disappointed to reach near the ancient temple at Kirari Godhi near Bilaspur. Because there was only one wall left in the name of the temple. The rest was already destroyed. This temple built on the side of the drain is west facing, with only the eastern wall of the temple remaining.

But this temple wall is also equipped with very high-quality artistic statues. The statues on the wall have won hearts. Disappointment of mind was a bit sad to see the idols.

The temple is divided into sanctum sanctorum and pavilion. Shivalinga is installed in the sanctum sanctorum. This temple is built on a height of about two feet high. Motifs of flowers, lavatallari, gajalakshmi, gajpankti etc. have been made in the temple’s establishment. The statues of Nataraja, Surya, Harihar Hariyan Garbha, Dikpal, Carrier in statues display very artistic and high quality craftsmanship.

Nataraja’s statue is displayed in Dwadhu Bhuji Nrityamudra. There are only 5 hands left in the six hands on the right side of the statue, in which Khethak, Astra, Dand, Ghanmudra and Trishul are holding. There are only two hands left on the left side, which is holding the khapar and punishments.

Jatamukut on the head, the eye in the forehead, the whiskers, the coil in the ears, necklace, mudmala, chestnut, the snake in the feet is displayed. The idol of Harihar Hariranyagarbha is Shatabhuji, holding trishul, lotus, conch, snake and chakra in his hands. Six horses and charioteer Arun are displayed in the outpost below the statue.

Other ruins and statues have been kept in the temple premises itself. There is only one wall left in the name of the temple. But looking at the statues studded on that wall, it appears that the Pura temple must have been equipped with attractive statues.

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