Shiva Temple

Shiva Temple

At a separation of 4 km from Basavakalyan and 77 km from Bidar, Lord Shiva Temple is . situated in Narayanpur.The Narayanpur Shiva sanctuary was worked in the twelfth century by Chalukyan rulers. The sanctuary is arranged inside the town in the midst of abodes. At the passage different models including a saint stone and a piece with Kannada, engravings are there. There are stays of various apsaras encompassing the primary vimana of the sanctuary. They are smooth and sexy and in an assortment of activities, for example, the enticing shringar rasa. This sanctuary configuration is like Kalmeshwar sanctuary of Jalasangvi. It is said that Hoysalas embraced this plan into their sanctuary outlines. The sanctuary got some rebuilding and protected from the skirt of totally demolished state.

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