Shringi Rishi Ashram, Sihawa

Shringi Rishi Ashram, Sihawa

It is a major ashram of Sihawa. Shringi Rishi is one of the saptarshis. Shringi was the sage whose blessings gave King Dasaratha a son. There is a barren hill on which big stones and some plants are seen. Mahanadi flows evenly below. From its origin it has grown into something big here. It no longer flows in small form, but now has its own area.
There is also a small pool on the hill here, some people say that it is also the origin of Mahanadi.It is directly related to the Mahanadi flowing below. If flowers etc. grow in this pool then they reach Mahanadi. It is a miracle to have a water pool at the top of this dry rocky hill. Perhaps only a geologist can tell why there is water in the pool. That too in a pool which is directly connected to the Mahanadi below. It is also famous that there are stones on the hills which ring here.Upon coming down from the hill, one gets an ashram. Many sadhus are also found here. One told that sages are the only people who walk across the country without money, they have the inconvenience of speaking and moving anywhere, neither eating or drinking nor getting up. From here, one gets only hard work. This is the last stop of the journey to Sihawa. If you want to see the natural beauty like Bastar nearby, Sihawa-Nagari will look like an ideal tourist destination.

Such beliefs related to the ashram are:-

According to beliefs, Angira Rishi has been considered the most senior among the Sapta Rishis. He meditated in the Navkhand Parvat located near Ratwa, the gram panchayat south of the ashram of Maharishi Shringi Rishi in Sihawa. A small cave here houses the statue of Angira Rishi.

This idol was broken due to lack of maintenance. After not getting any support from the administration, the rural Angira Rishi is engaged in saving and making twelve Pali Samiti. Ashram priest Mukesh Maharaj said that Angira Rishi used to do harsh penance in his ashram. They wanted to be more fiery than fire. The devotees have unwavering faith in him. Everyone who comes to visit, their desire is definitely necessary.

Did not grow:- Along with tourism, people’s faith is also associated with this ashram. The ashram has not been developed so far due to the neglect of the tourism department. The villagers say that if Angira Rishi did not pay attention to the maintenance of the Pali Samiti outside, the existence of this ashram would have disappeared by now. They are selflessly engaged in the service of the ashram.

Yagya Shala under the mountain:-

Statues of Lord Shiva, Ganesha and Hunaman are installed on the mountain top besides Angira Rishi. There is also a Yagna Shala under the mountain. Here Angira is the extract of the sage and the trident, which is worshiped. There are more than seven caves. There is also the footprint of Lord Shri Ram in a sheela on the mountain peak. When Shriram left for exile, he arrived at Angira Ashram. His footprint is of the same time.

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