Kotebira Eb River

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ashpur is situated on the North of Chhattisgarh. This quaint town is divided into Upper Ghats and the Lower ghats. The upper ghats are replete […]


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Power-wealth master power -Superata Mataji Mahalaxmi Shakti Peeth Chhattisgarh Tatamari is established on the Tapovan of the eternal sage on the mythological beliefs from primitive […]


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Gram Panchayat Alor Janpand Panchayat is under Farasgaon. In the right direction of Panchayat, there is a very beautiful mountain range. 100 meters from the ground in […]

Peeda ghat

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This place is one of the most unexpected and undisclosed areas for real nature lovers. It has recently been included in the tourist spots of […]

Kotamsar Cave

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Kotsar Cave was initially named Gopansar Cave (Gopan = hide), but the current name Kotsar became more popular as the cave is located near the […]

Kharkhara Dam

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The total driving Distance from Rajnandgaon to Kharkhara Dam is 99.0 Kms Or 61.515729 Miles . Your trip begins at Rajnandgaon. It ends at Kharkhara […]

Dugdugi Stone

Dugdugi Stone

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The wonderful structure of nature is on the hill of Jam Jamari, which is situated at the headquarters of Bhayyathan tehsil. At the top of […]

Malangir waterfall

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There are many places in Dantewada which are worth seeing tourist spots, but we are really ignorant of such areas. The only names which we […]