Toyer Nala Waterfall Katekalyan

Toyer Nala Waterfall Katekalyan

Dantewada situated on the southern tip of Chhattisgarh is famous for its mineral wealth! Apart from this, many natural waterfalls are also found in this district! One such waterfall is the mustard drain waterfall!

In fact, this fall falls under the Darbhon block of Bastar district, but due to its close proximity to Katekalayana block headquarters, the common rural people consider it a part of Dantewada district! This epic is located on Katekalayana-Darabha Road, 12 km away from Katekalayana block, near village Toynar. The towers drain this place by making about 30 feet fall and creating a very delightful ocean! This waterfall is a perennial fall and its philosophy is very pleasant in the rain and autumn!

Nature has hidden so much in this virgin area that one has to keep whole month to visit and find such untrodden paths, such peculiar mysteries. One such mystery is Toyer waterfall.

Toyer waterfall is approachable throughout the year as this area is very near to the State Highway joining Jagdalpur to Dantewada from Darbha road via Katekalyan. Just 12 kms to Katekalyan towards Darbha road, this marvel is located near to the village border of Nadenar and Toynar villages of Katekalyan block of Dantewada.

This area actually comes under Darbha block of District Bastar, but as this place is very near to Block Head Quarter Katekalyan, local people presumes it to be a part of Dantewada district.

As a tourist reaches closer to this fall, the first view itself makes him spellbound, as the fall divides itself in two parts, the upper part which is having a height of 7 to 10 feet with a gentle slope of 10-15 degree, followed by the later one which possesses a height of 30-35 feet with a moderate slope of 30-40 degree. One should take care while traversing down as the bank walls of Toyer nala also contains blue-green algae.

This place hides many more interesting features on its laps as the upper part of the northern side of bank possesses a cave remarked as an abode of Lord Shiva and contains many Shiv-lingas inside and near around this cave-shrine.

Toynar Village is famous for this waterfall and cave, as at the time of Maha-Shivratri, this area gets flooded by the devotees in the form of a big mela

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