Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve

Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve

The Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve was notified on Government of Chhattisgarh no. / F-8-43 / 2007 / 10-2 Raipur on 20/02/2009. Udanti is trying for the purebred buffaloes in Sitanadi Tiger Reserve. At present there are 01 female forest and female child and 09 male forest host, to increase their number, a rescue center has been set up in Jugaad in an area of ​​about 25.00 ha, where the number of female forestbeds can be increased by breeding but now the male forest habitat increase Has been done and female Vanbhas are in great need to run their offspring. Therefore, a female female banyan is being prepared at the institute in Karnal, Haryana, which will be brought to Udanti Sintadi Tiger Reserve as soon as it is ready, which will increase the lineage.

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