Indian cricketer Sanju Samson’s admiration for the legendary actor Rajinikanth has recently been on full display, adding a touch of glamour to the world of sports. The cricketer’s fervent fandom reached new heights when he attended a special screening of Rajinikanth’s blockbuster ‘Jailer’ in Ireland. The event, where Samson was a guest of honor, was discussed by commentator Niall O’Brien during the India vs Ireland T20 match in Dublin on August 20.

A Star-Studded Screening

Rajinikanth’s magnum opus ‘Jailer’ has been raking in massive box office figures, crossing the remarkable milestone of Rs 500 crore worldwide. Sanju Samson, who has openly shared his admiration for the superstar in various interviews, had the privilege of attending a special screening of the film. The cricketer’s passion for Rajinikanth became a talking point as commentator Niall O’Brien took a delightful detour from cricket commentary to share the news with the audience. O’Brien revealed that Samson attended the premiere of ‘Jailer’ as a guest of honor, marking a proud moment for both Samson and his fans.

A Dream Fulfilled: Meeting Thalaivar

Hailing from Kerala, Sanju Samson’s affinity for Superstar Rajinikanth has been a long-standing affair. The cricketer’s admiration for Rajinikanth has led him to watch all of the actor’s films in theaters. A remarkable highlight came earlier this year when Samson’s childhood dream of meeting his idol at his Poes Garden residence in Chennai came true. On March 12, Samson shared a photo of himself alongside Thalaivar and expressed his joy with his followers, recounting his journey from being a devoted fan since the age of 7 to finally meeting Rajinikanth in person.

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Fluent in Tamil, Driven by Fandom

Samson’s love for Rajinikanth’s films runs so deep that he has developed fluency in Tamil, even though his mother tongue is Malayalam. In an interview with fellow cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin, Samson revealed that his childhood fascination with Rajinikanth’s movies led him to pick up the language. The cricketer’s dedication to both his sport and his passion for cinema demonstrates the multifaceted nature of his personality.

As Sanju Samson continues to make waves on the cricket field and beyond, his ardent fandom for Rajinikanth serves as a testament to the universal appeal and impact of cinema icons. The cricketer’s journey from a young fan to a guest of honor at a Rajinikanth film screening is a heartwarming tale of dreams fulfilled and passions celebrated.