This mega cricketing event (ODI World Cup 2023) is expected to be a major boost for Disney Star after having a less-than-ideal Indian Premier League (IPL) season.

Disney Star is all set to capitalise on the forthcoming ICC ODI World Cup 2023. The marquee event is set to be held in India from October 5 to November 19, 2023. This mega cricketing event will be a major boost for Disney Star after having a less-than-ideal Indian Premier League (IPL) season.

Several advertising agencies have now access to the Disney Star broadcaster’s rate card, which is also available with exchange4media. In general, the numbers seem to be affordable.

An estimated cost of Rs 118 crore has been given for the coveted position of co-presenters. The associate sponsors won’t be far behind, having to pay Rs 88 crore for their advertising slots.

The broadcaster has fixed the fee for co-presenting chances on Disney+Hotstar at Rs 150 crore. Brands who want prominent exposure such as “Powered by” sponsors must contribute Rs 75 crore, while those choosing associate sponsorship must budget Rs 40 crore.

Disney Star demands an eye-watering price for India vs Pakistan

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The much-awaited and much-hyped India vs Pakistan match is a significant exception, though.

The rates for advertising during India vs Pakistan game has soared to astronomical levels of Rs 30 lakh every 10 seconds, according to the information available to exchange4media.

It is not surprising that Disney Star has taken advantage of this chance to demand a premium amount, given the long-standing rivalry and massive viewership anticipated for this clash.

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Regarding television, marketers who want to co-present on the SD channel would need to set out a substantial Rs 89.86 crore. The price has been set at Rs. 48.4 crore for the better HD feed.

Disney Star decided to increase ad rates overall by 30–35% compared to the last competition due to the weak market conditions.

Insiders further suggested that the broadcaster are hoping to earn almost Rs 1,000 crore from the competition. The ultimate prices at which the slots were auctioned last season, according to sources, were between Rs. 6 and Rs. 7 lakh every 10 seconds.

The spot has been valued at Rs 10,25,000 for 10 seconds this year, according to the rate card in effect.

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All eyes are on marketers and sponsors as anticipation for the cricket World Cup grows, anxious to see how they will use this high-stakes tournament to make a lasting impression on cricket aficionados throughout the country.