World Photography Day 2023: How India Legends Sachin Tendulkar And Anil Kumble Celebrated With Beautiful Pictures

Legendary cricket icons Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble took to social media to commemorate World Photography Day 2023 in their own distinctive ways. Tendulkar’s post showcased a moment captured during his trip to Kenya, where he was seen capturing a photo on his phone. Accompanying the image was the caption, “Sharing a photo of me clicking a photo on #WorldPhotographyDay #MasaiMaraDiaries.”

Conversely, Anil Kumble, a well-known photography enthusiast, chose to celebrate the occasion by sharing some awe-inspiring wildlife photographs that he had captured himself. “Capturing moments, one click at a time! Sharing a few of my shots this World Photography Day with you all,” he shared on Twitter, along with four captivating images.

Reflecting on the intense rivalry between India and Pakistan in cricket, Kumble expressed the pressure and expectations that Indian players faced when competing against Pakistan. He mentioned that during his playing days, there was a sentiment that India should never lose to Pakistan, even if it meant losing to a team like Kenya. Kumble stressed the importance of treating matches against Pakistan as just another game to alleviate the pressure.

The cricketing world is eagerly anticipating the clash between India and Pakistan in the upcoming Asia Cup 2023, scheduled for September 2. Additionally, the two arch-rivals are set to meet in the ICC World Cup 2023, hosted by India. The highly awaited encounter is scheduled to take place at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on October 14.

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