Burqa-clad triple-talaq victim campaigns for BJP
Burqa-clad triple-talaq victim campaigns for BJP

Burqa-clad triple-talaq victim campaigns for BJP

A 27-year-old burqa-clad woman, who is a triple-talaq victim, is campaigning for the BJP in the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls to make the Muslim women realise the good work being done by the saffron party in the state.

Nida Khan believes that unlike other parties, the BJP does not see Muslims as a vote bank only but considers them as equals.

Khan, who wears a burqa, has campaigned for the BJP candidates in the first and second phase of the assembly elections and is set to join the poll campaign in other parts of the state for the other phases.

She is usually accompanied by female members of the BJP as well as members of the party’s minority cell during the campaigning.

“I have done door-to-door campaigning and held small meetings with the female voters for BJP candidates both in Meerut and Bareilly. I will also join the campaigning for the party in central and eastern UP districts,” Khan, who joined the minority wing of the BJP in January this year, told PTI.

“We move in smaller groups for door-to-door campaigning and try to meet the maximum women voters in a day. I inform the voters about welfare schemes of the BJP government,” Khan said.

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“We usually campaign in areas with considerable Muslim voters,” Khan said.

When asked about her reasons for joining the BJP, Khan, who hails from Bareilly, said, “I have realised that all political parties be it the Samajwadi Party, the Congress or the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), all use Muslims only as a vote bank. They take our votes to get to power and then forget us for the next five years. This is why the Muslim community is one of the least developed communities in our society. However, this is not the story in the BJP, where everyone is considered as equal.”

“I want the women of the Muslim community to realise the good work of the BJP under Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I am confident that the social condition of the Muslims will improve if the BJP comes to power again in Uttar Pradesh,” she added. — PTI