The latest episode had Anil Kapoor, Ravi Bahl, Aditya Roy Kapur and others. During a fun one on one, Kapil asked Anil Kapoor, there was a rumour that you are often so serious with acting that you had slapped the actors in reality during a scene, is that true?

Anil Kapoor replied, “That is not true, some actors are there who exaggerate certain things and say so that they get a few more interviews.”

For the unversed, during Jug Jug Jeeyo, there was one such interview that surfaced online of Maniesh Paul where he revealed that Anil Kapoor had almost slapped him in his first scene, “The first scene where he gets irritated with and he is about to slap me- and we had such a good time.”

Anil Kapoor further shared an interesting anecdote from his initial days when he was searching for work and thought nobody would know him. He went to Shirdi to seek Sai Baba’s blessings and something that happened in Shirdi that made him more confident towards acting. He said, “When I had done my first Telugu film, people didn’t know me back then. So I went to Shirdi to pray to Baba as I wasn’t getting work. This is around 40 or more years back. So when I went there and I got out, a few kids and girls from the buses came out and they had seen my film Vamsa Vruksham. So that day I felt that I can do something with my career.”

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