AP Dhillon shared this image. (courtesy: ap.dhillxn)

AP Dhillon, a Canada-based artist of Indian origin, is making waves in the global hip-hop scene with tracks like “Brown Munde,” “Excuses,” and “Summer High.” His journey from Gurdaspur in Punjab, India, to Vancouver, Canada, and his subsequent rise to fame are the focus of a new documentary series titled “AP Dhillon: First of A Kind.” Dhillon believes that the brown community is finally receiving the recognition it deserves, and he is proud to see the world acknowledging the music created by Indians residing in Canada and the US.

In an interview, Dhillon expressed his satisfaction with the growing appreciation for the brown community’s culture, particularly in the realm of hip-hop music. He noted that in the past, the world may not have taken the community’s contributions seriously, but the situation has now changed.

Dhillon moved to Canada in 2015 for his post-graduation studies in Business Administration and Management. During his early years in Canada, he worked odd jobs to support himself, which later became a part of his hit song “Brown Mund.” Despite facing challenges, Dhillon’s passion for music remained unwavering.

Although he initially aspired to become a basketball player, Dhillon’s love for music ultimately led him to pursue a career in singing. He draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Punjabi icons like Jitender Sartaj and Amar Singh Chamkila, as well as A R Rahman and Arijit Singh.

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Dhillon’s label mate Shinda Kahlon, also associated with Run-Up Records in Canada, highlighted the growing popularity of Punjabi music and how it motivated them to start their musical journey.

The four-part documentary series “AP Dhillon: First of A Kind” is available for streaming on Prime Video. Dhillon finds the documentary to be an emotional experience, and he hopes that it inspires other artists and individuals who are embarking on similar paths.

While Dhillon has received offers for collaborations from the Hindi film industry, he mentioned that timing has been a challenge. He expressed that when the right opportunity arises, he would be open to exploring collaborations that align with his image and sound.

As AP Dhillon continues to make his mark in the music industry, he remains dedicated to his craft and aims to keep pushing boundaries and experimenting with his sound while staying true to his fans’ preferences.