Rajinikanth’s Immature Comments at the Jailer Success Meet Face Audience Backlash

It is widely known that Superstar Rajinikanth’s latest film, Jailer, was released on August 10th and went on to become the all-time second-highest grosser for Tamil Cinema. The film’s unit was overwhelmed by the magnanimous success and arranged a success meet. However, Rajinikanth’s immature comments at the success meet are facing the backlash of audiences now.

Rajinikanth’s Comments at the Success Meet

On Sunday night, the cast and crew of the action entertainer celebrated the movie’s success. During his speech at the success meet, Rajinikanth made some shocking comments about the film, Jailer. He said he felt that the film was an average – above average without re-recording, and it was Anirudh’s RR that made the movie a blockbuster.

Audience Criticism

These comments are receiving significant criticism from the audience as they did not expect such remarks from a big star like Rajinikanth. The comments directly impact the director’s work and efforts. Director Nelson has delivered a blockbuster with Rajinikanth, and this kind of comment can affect his confidence.

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The Director’s Contribution

Only background music cannot make a film a big success; there should be good writing and direction involved. Nelson has delivered some extraordinary scenes with excellent heroism and direction. These scenes worked wonders for the film and resulted in a much-needed comeback for Rajinikanth. It is worth noting that many directors have tried to achieve similar success recently, but only Nelson has succeeded.

Previous Controversial Comments

Even during his speech at the Jailer’s audio event, Rajinikanth talked about unnecessary things. He mentioned that distributors had called him and suggested canceling the movie with director Nelson Dilipkumar due to bad reviews for his previous film with Vijay, Beast. However, Rajinikanth checked with the producers of Beast, who confirmed that the reviews were bad but the revenue was good.