In today’s episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2, host Salman Khan was disappointed with contestants Elvish Yadav, Manisha Rani, and Bebika Dhurve for behaving inappropriately in the house. However, Salman schooled Elvish for commenting derogatory comments about Bebika Dhurve.

It begins after Salman asks Abhishek Malhan about asking Elvish to apologize after the host tries to explain. Salman questions Abhishek and Manisha if they think anything went wrong in the week recently and both of them agree that Elvish was wrong for saying some censored words against Bebika.

Salman asks Abhishek to repeat the bad words he spoke during the conversation but the latter denies repeating it in front of him. Salman further stated that this local language which Elvish used while talking was spoken by Aamir Khan and him in films like Sultan and Dangal. It’s a very beautiful language.

Salman then stated that he will show the entire clip to the contestants in the house. Everyone was seeing the clip from the previous conversation between Elvish, Abhishek, and Manisha talking badly about Bebika.

Salman looked shocked and asked Pooja if she was addressed about the same conversation that happened between them. Pooja says, “Yes it was similar but not entirely, I had tried to explain it to him once that these derogatory remarks over feminists will be very bad for him. But then they say that you are outdated and old so then I don’t say much now. They say that I have many followers we know everything.”

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Salman questions Elvish about how many followers he has, “How many followers do you have brother? You want more or reduce your followers. If you make good content like motivational, comedy, fitness they would praise you. He dances well, cracks well jokes, and even if he roasts he does it amazingly. How will cringe content help you out?”

Salman also asks Elvish about having followers, trending on Twitter and so on. The host also adds that he got to know that Elvish’s dad is a professor and asks if he would like to see this kind of behaviour. Salman further asks him about his followers joining him by paying him 1000 rupees and Elvish stated that they join him for free. Salman adds, “Oh they join you for free, so do one thing if these loyal fans would commit suicide for him next time tell them to pay you Rs 500 and then join your fanbase. Then I will know how many are loyal to you. What do you think who will join you huh?”

Later, Salman tells Elvish that he tried his best to explain him from his point of view but now he should also know a woman’s point of view. And we see Elvish’s mother joining the show over a video call. Salman greets his mom and asks her to talk to his son. Elvish breaks down in tears after hearing his mother’s voice. Salman tells Elvish to talk with her and Manisha gets up to console him but Salman gets irritated and says, “Manisha you please don’t irritate and go back to your seat. Elvish listen to me your mother hasn’t seen the clip we had trimmed the inappropriate part from the clip and showed a censored version.”

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Elvish talks to his mother after gearing up the courage and takes her blessings on the call. Salman questions if he would like to use a stick and the other things but Elvish denies it and apologizes to Bebika and others for his behaviour.