BTS’s V, known for his remarkable talents and engaging personality, continues to capture the hearts of fans. Recently, his comments about a film he watched have garnered attention and admiration from fans worldwide. The idol’s presence in the spotlight has been further highlighted by the release of his W Korea editorial, which has been met with increasing excitement.

Stunning Editorial and Candid Insights

V’s editorial for W Korea has been making waves as behind-the-scenes footage was shared by the magazine on August 24. Irrespective of the concept he was portraying, V’s visuals radiated absolute charm, leaving fans in awe.

In the video, V candidly answered various questions, ranging from his bond with his dog Yeontan to his creative process for album-making. Notably, he was asked about recent films he had watched, which led to an unexpected and impactful revelation.

Unconventional Choice: “Barbie” Film

V’s response resonated with fans as he disclosed that he had recently watched the “Barbie” movie. However, his commentary went beyond merely mentioning the film. He expressed, “I watched ‘Barbie.’ Seriously, it really is the most impactful movie I’ve watched recently.” The pink-hued background perfectly encapsulated the weight of his statement.

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Fans and netizens alike were struck not only by his choice of film but also by the depth of his understanding. The film’s feminist themes appeared to resonate with V, leading fans to admire his appreciation for its meaning.

Collective Interest in “Barbie”

Interestingly, V isn’t the sole BTS member intrigued by the “Barbie” movie. In a recent interview following the release of his track “Seven,” Jungkook expressed his eagerness to watch the film when asked about his interest in it.

V’s thoughtful response and evident pride in discussing the film have sparked praise and admiration. His ability to engage with meaningful content and convey its impact is yet another reason why fans hold him in high esteem.

Source: W KOREA/YouTube and W Korea