Actor Sunny Deol’s Juhu villa in Mumbai is being auctioned by the Bank of Baroda to recover a loan of approximately Rs 56 crore. The bank has taken this step to recuperate both the loan amount and the accumulated interest.

The auction notice was published in a national newspaper on August 20, detailing the loan and property information. The villa, named Sunny Villa, is located on Gandhigram Road in Juhu. The land surrounding the villa, measuring 599.44 square meters, is also part of the auction for the recovery of outstanding dues.

The auction has a reserve price of Rs 51.43 crore, and an Earnest Money Deposit of around Rs 5.14 crore is required from potential bidders. The bid increment for the auction is set at Rs 10 lakh.

Sunny Deol’s real name, Ajay Singh Deol, is mentioned in the auction notice. Additionally, his brother Bobby Deol (Vijay Singh Deol), their father Dharmendra Singh Deol, and Sunny Deol’s company Sunny Sounds Pvt Ltd are listed as guarantors and corporate guarantor for the loan taken from Bank of Baroda.

The villa itself is situated in the affluent area of Juhu, and the auction serves as an attempt by the bank to recover the loan that Sunny Deol had borrowed.