Following its recent recognition as the Best Social Causes Film at the Indian International Film Festival of Boston (IIFFB), Esha Deol’s ‘Ek Duaa’ has garnered further acclaim. The film has received a special mention at the prestigious 69th National Film Awards 2023, specifically in the Non-Feature Films category.

Reflecting on the honor bestowed upon ‘Ek Duaa’ at the 69th National Film Awards, Esha Deol revealed that she did not foresee this achievement. She affirmed that the film’s subject matter held a profound personal importance to her, leading her to take on the role of a producer for the project. The film’s intention was to resonate with a wide audience across the nation. Esha expressed her astonishment at the overwhelming response, recounting a moment when she checked her phone after a meditation session and found it inundated with messages of congratulations. The victory felt surreal yet deeply gratifying.

Recalling the journey that led her to ‘Ek Duaa’, Esha Deol spoke about the emotional connection she felt to the film. Growing up surrounded by feminine energy, having a sister and two daughters, Esha was drawn to represent a subject that resonated with her personal experiences. The film’s emotional depth and beauty compelled her to contribute to its creation, aligning with a cause she deeply believed in.

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The inception of ‘Ek Duaa’ in Esha’s life was marked by a conversation with director Ram Kamal Mukherjee, with whom she had previously collaborated on ‘Cakewalk’. As Ram shared the film’s premise, Esha’s heart was immediately touched. She requested him to narrate the story on the spot, eschewing a formal presentation. By the story’s conclusion, Esha found herself moved to tears, solidifying her determination to be a part of the project.

One of the notable aspects of ‘Ek Duaa’ is Abhishek Bachchan’s contribution—a recitation of a poem centered around the girl child. Esha Deol explained that Abhishek’s involvement was a natural fit, given his genuine character and his role as a father to a daughter. Recognizing his powerful voice and resonance within the younger generation, Esha and the director approached Abhishek, who readily embraced the opportunity. His emotional connection to the subject matter as a father added a layer of authenticity to his participation.

In this triumphant journey, ‘Ek Duaa’ not only achieves cinematic recognition but also signifies a heartfelt endeavor to shed light on significant social issues, resonating with audiences and fostering meaningful change.