Actor Falaq Naaz, who recently got eliminated from Bigg Boss OTT, sat down for an interview with Hindustan Times to discuss her journey on the show. She talked about her bond with fellow contestant Avinash Sachdev and addressed some questions from viewers.

Regarding her relationship with Avinash, Falaq expressed that they had a beautiful bond and would continue to see each other outside the house. She shared that they supported each other during difficult times when others had left them. Falaq also mentioned that she wasn’t bothered by Avinash’s past relationships and that she had asked him for some time before making any decisions.

When asked about a roast video posted by Abhishek Malhan’s brother, Nischay Malhan, in which he commented on Falaq’s family and the Tunisha Sharma death case, Falaq revealed that she hadn’t seen the video. She stated that she didn’t think Abhishek would appreciate his brother’s comments and emphasized that she had a good bond with Abhishek in the house.

Falaq responded to a viewer’s question about her behavior towards Abhishek, where she had called him “janani” (female) and then sweet-talked him later. She clarified that for her, the word wasn’t offensive and she said it in a humorous way. Falaq explained that if certain terms like “tomboy” can be used for females, then there shouldn’t be an issue with using “janani” for a guy. She mentioned that she would have apologized if Abhishek had felt offended.

When asked about why everyone seemed to play it safe with Pooja Bhatt and why Falaq knelt down before her, Falaq explained that she had a respectful bond with Pooja and didn’t want to cross any boundaries. She mentioned that she tries to understand the situation before reacting and that she couldn’t fully comprehend the Jiya and Pooja fight. Falaq added that Avinash had resolved the issue, so she didn’t feel the need to bring it up again.

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Responding to a question about fellow contestant Jad Hadid, Falaq stated that people were misunderstanding him. She clarified that the kiss between Jad and Akanksha happened with their consent and that both could have refused the task. Falaq mentioned that Jad would hug her and hold her hands, but she never felt uncomfortable. She believed that this was how love is expressed in his country and emphasized that Jad cared for her well-being during her back issues.

In the interview, Falaq expressed her real nature in the Bigg Boss house and emphasized that she didn’t play the game with a mask like others. She encouraged people not to have a wrong image of Jad and reminded them that if he was wrong, they wouldn’t have allowed him to be close to them.