Actor Gulshan Devaiah recently talked about Shah Rukh Khan‘s famous Mumbai address Mannat. He said on IVM Pop podcast that he spent some ‘excruciating’ hours there once when he was invited to one of Shah Rukh’s parties at Mannat. Describing the bungalow, he also revealed that the huge entrance is just for show.

Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow Mannat is one of the top attractions in Mumbai.

Gulshan Devaiah on his experience inside Mannat

Gulshan who wasn’t sure if he would fit in at the party, said, “I’ve met him once, been to his house, spent three excruciating hours because at that point I was very uncomfortable. Early years. I was super nervous. There were so many other people also. There was a party in his house, and I was like, ‘What am I doing here? I don’t deserve to be here. I’m just here because I’m friends with some other people who are here.”

Inside Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat

“Lot of things. There’s a big marble statue of I think Radha Krishna. It was quite beautiful. Big dining table with lots of lights on the floor. I haven’t seen the entire house because we were only in the area where they entertain the guests, which is quite a big area. It starts from the side and joins the main Mannat, the old building. But the actual residential area is Mannat annexure, which is the building at the back,” he explained the interiors of Mannat.

Gulshan also added that the old building has been conserved due to regulations of heritage properties. In fact, he also added that the famous ‘main gate’ of Mannat which has become the popular selfie point for fans, is ‘just for show.’ He said the actual entrance through the rear gate.

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When Shah Rukh Khan bought Mannat

Mannat was renovated by Gauri Khan when Shah Rukh and her purchased it during his initial years in Bollywood. Talking about how they moved to the bungalow, Shah Rukh once shared at an event, “We used to live at a house next to Taj, which was my director’s house. He lent it to us and said you stay here as long as you are making films. We didn’t have too much money.”

It was way beyond (our budget). But we managed to buy (Mannat) which was worthy. It was quite dilapidated, kind of broken and then we didn’t have money to furnish it. Of course, we called one designer. The lunch that he served us telling us how he designed the house was way more than the salary I won in a month. We were like – this guy is going to charge a lot. So how do we do this house now, we bought it but what do we do with it.”

He said that then he turned to Gauri and asked her to do the house since she was the one with “artistic talent”. The couple then went on to buy things for the house over time and made it their paradise that we see today. “Once we had little money, we bought leather fur sofas,” he said. Shah Rukh and Gauri are currently basking on the success of his film Jawan. Directed by Atlee, the film is backed by Gauri Khan under Red Chillies Entertainment, while Gaurav Verma also serves as a co-producer.