The latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2 saw many disputes between the contestants and a fun task. Pooja Bhatt was made the director of the house and was asked to task the housemates as Hero, Heroine, villan and more. The director decided to make Manisha as the villan of the house and that sparked a fight between the two. Pooja said that Manisha might not be a villan for others but for her she is.

It started with Pooja asking Bebika, Manisha and Elvish to give audiences for the villan. While, Elvish and Bebika gave the audience, Manisha resisted and didn’t give the it. She told Pooja that according to her and the audience she would never be the villan and hence doesn’t want to give the audience. However, Pooja had a different opinion and she didn’t agree with her at all.

Pooja said, “You would make a very interesting villan as you are the leader of your group. You are the one you dictate Elvish and Manisha. I think you should give the audience for the villan.” Manisha responded by saying, “There’s no way audience will believe that I’m the villan. I know for a fact that I’m the heroine of the house. I know you chose Jiya as a heroine as she is pretty and has made following.”

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Things got worse between the two as Bigg Boss said that audience has not agreed with Pooja’s casting. Manisha broke down emotionally and said that audience would never agree with her if she call her the villan. However, Pooja reminded her that she has made many hit films along with the flop ones and hence she knows her job pretty well.