Pradhyuman Maloo, recognized from his appearance on the popular show “Indian Matchmaking,” is currently facing serious allegations of domestic violence from his wife, Ashima Chauhaan. Pradhyuman gained attention during the show’s first season in 2020, expressing his high expectations for a suitable life partner. While he didn’t find the right match on-screen, he later found love off-screen and married Ashima Chauhaan. Their relationship announcement took place during the second season of “Indian Matchmaking.”

However, recent reports suggest that the couple’s journey took a distressing turn. According to Hindustan Times, the Mumbai Police has registered an FIR (First Information Report) against Pradhyuman and his family following allegations of domestic violence filed by Ashima. Their relationship timeline indicates that they were together for two years before their wedding in Udaipur in February 2022.

Ashima’s allegations involve claims of both physical and emotional abuse by Pradhyuman and his family. The FIR also points to alleged instances of blackmail and harassment. The matter is currently under investigation, as Ashima seeks justice for the alleged distress she endured.

Upon being contacted by Hindustan Times, Pradhyuman expressed his lack of awareness regarding the FIR against him. He shared that he believes both parties are engaged in settlement discussions with their respective lawyers to amicably address their marital issues.

Ashima Chauhaan had previously revealed that she and Pradhyuman crossed paths at a friend’s gathering. Their initial interaction revealed Pradhyuman’s sense of humor, which resonated with her. She mentioned that he stood out from his business-oriented peers due to his ability to bring laughter into conversations, a trait she found impressive.

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The unfolding of events involving Pradhyuman Maloo and Ashima Chauhaan underscores the complexities that can arise in personal relationships and highlights the significance of addressing allegations of domestic violence and abuse.