BTS singer Jungkook is back with yet another live session for fans. This time he went on to chat with fans from across the globe after wrapping up his practice session. Not only did he answer several questions regarding his life, but also promised to conduct a live session with his fellow member Park Jimin on Wednesday if the latter agrees. He also opened up about hosting a karaoke session with Kim Taehyung.

BTS’ Jungkook is open to visiting India for his fans.

Jungkook goes live

Jungkook, the BTS singer, recently held a live session with fans from around the world. After finishing his practice session, he took the time to chat with fans and answer their questions. During the session, he also mentioned the possibility of conducting a live session with his fellow member Park Jimin on Wednesday, if Jimin agrees. Additionally, he expressed his interest in hosting a karaoke session with Kim Taehyung.

Jungkook picks favourite song from V

During the live session, Jungkook was asked about his favorite song from V’s solo album Layover. He revealed that he particularly enjoys the song “Slow Dancing.” Fans also requested him to bring Jimin for a live session, to which he responded positively, saying that he would do it if Jimin is available. He also mentioned that he will be interacting with fans on Weverse, even without Jimin.

Jungkook on visiting India

One fan urged Jungkook to do aegyo (display of cuteness through a cute voice), but he explained that he can no longer do it. Throughout the live session, Jungkook expressed his love for his fans. When a fan commented that their boyfriend is jealous of Jungkook, he apologized. In response to a request to visit India, he expressed his desire to go anywhere where ARMYs (BTS fans) are present.

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Jungkook sings RRR song Naatu Naatu

Before ending the live session, Jungkook announced that he would be back to talk to his fans on Weverse at 9 pm KST on Wednesday. He thanked his fans for their support and expressed his happiness in being able to communicate with them in different languages. He also mentioned that during his last live session, he sang the song “Naatu Naatu” from the movie RRR, which won an Oscar. Jungkook’s latest release is the song “3D” featuring Jack Harlow, and he will be releasing a mini album by the end of this year.