Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has come forward in support of fellow actor Sunny Deol after a viral video showed him expressing frustration at a fan. Kangana took the opportunity to criticize the growing obsession with taking selfies.

The video, which has been widely circulated on social media, captures Sunny Deol appearing irritated when a fan approaches him for a selfie while he is in a car. Kangana Ranaut defended his reaction, highlighting the need for fans to respect celebrities’ personal space.

In a social media post, Kangana Ranaut expressed her understanding of the challenges that celebrities face due to the constant demand for selfies. She emphasized the importance of respecting the privacy and emotions of public figures, particularly when they are caught in unexpected situations.

Kangana further discussed the downside of selfie culture, emphasizing that the urge to take selfies with celebrities sometimes overshadows genuine human interaction and empathy. She urged fans to consider the feelings of celebrities, who are also human beings and have their own moments of vulnerability.

The actress concluded her post by encouraging people to prioritize real connections and interactions over the instant gratification of selfies, and she praised Sunny Deol for his contribution to the entertainment industry. Kangana’s post garnered attention from fans and fellow actors, sparking a conversation about the balance between admiration and respecting personal boundaries in the age of social media.