Rishab Shetty’s “Kantara” left an indelible mark on the Sandalwood industry, elevating not only its local stature but also positioning Kannada films on the national stage. Riding high on the triumph of the original masterpiece, both the actor and director are now engrossed in crafting its prequel, “Kantara 2.” With the inaugural film having achieved monumental success, the expectations for the forthcoming installment are reaching for the skies. Recent speculations have revealed that the project is poised to unfold with a significant financial backing.

Emerging reports suggest that “Kantara 2” is poised to boast an astonishing budget of 125 crores—an impressive figure, indeed. This represents a remarkable escalation from the original’s 16-crore budget, marking a remarkable increase of about 681 percent. While no official affirmation has been made yet, the anticipation around the project is palpable.

Since its debut in September 2022, cinephiles have been awaiting the sequel with bated breath. The conclusion of the inaugural film subtly hinted at forthcoming additions to the franchise. In the closing scenes, Rishab Shetty’s character, Shiva, disappears into the forest after an encounter with what appears to be his father’s spirit. Subsequently, Shiva and Leela’s son is seen inquiring about his father’s enigmatic vanishing act. The narrative orbits around Shiva’s clashes with a principled forest officer named Murali.

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Though “Kantara 2” has yet to commence production, the news of its significant budget has sparked a flurry of interest, further heightening anticipation for the prequel. According to sources cited by Pinkvilla, the filming is slated to commence with the first phase on November 1. The insiders also indicated that the production team aims to wrap up shooting by the first quarter of 2024 and potentially unveil the movie by late 2024.

Recapping the box office prowess of “Kantara,” the Rishab Shetty-led venture amassed a staggering 410 crores worldwide during its theatrical run, triumphantly surpassing the records set by Yash’s “KGF: Chapter 2” in Karnataka. The remarkable journey of “Kantara” sets the stage for its prequel, “Kantara 2,” to potentially replicate and build upon its predecessor’s achievements, captivating audiences once again.