Amidst the tapestry of India’s cinematic history, Sridevi, an embodiment of femininity and artistry, would have celebrated her sixtieth orbit around the sun on this very day, the thirteenth of August. The year 2018 witnessed the somber eulogies of a nation as she departed this mortal coil in Dubai, leaving behind an indelible void. On the anniversary of her entrance into this world, hordes of devotees, scattered across the globe, are commemorating the unparalleled magnificence that she brought to the silver screen. Even those who held her closest in their hearts are engaging in the symphony of remembrance, echoing in the digital realms, paying homage to this luminary. A testament to this comes from none other than Khushi Kapoor, the younger scion of Sridevi’s legacy.

During this juncture that resonates with celestial significance, Khushi Kapoor has illuminated the digital expanse with a radiant beam of nostalgia. Behold, a candid fragment of time, encapsulated in an ethereal throwback image that captures the essence of maternal love and shared moments. The tableau presents itself as a trinity of beauty and familial bonds, where Khushi Kapoor’s radiant countenance is interwoven with the luminous visages of her elder sister, Janhvi Kapoor, and the celestial figure of their adored mother, Sridevi. This vignette harkens to an era when Sridevi was engrossed in the artistic tapestry of the television realm, manifesting her craft in the show titled “Malini Iyer.” A heartfelt inscription accompanies this tableau, tenderly etched by Khushi Kapoor, proclaiming, “Happy birthday, mama [heart emoji],” a mere fragment of words that encapsulates a sea of emotions and cherished memories, traversing realms beyond mere linguistic confines.


Janhvi Kapoor simply reshared her father’s post on her Instagram Stories. 

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In the bygone month, as the celestial thread of time unfurled, Janhvi Kapoor, while in the pursuit of promoting her cinematic opus “Bawaal,” unfurled an intimate aspect of her journey, illuminating the stage with her candid words. During this poignant juncture, she ventured into the abyss of her emotions, sharing the symphony of her heart’s cadence, punctuated by the indomitable presence of her departed mother. In her eloquent musings, she expressed, “The most monumental battlefield I have ever navigated was undoubtedly the realm of loss, especially the irrevocable departure of my mother. The period coincided with the filming of ‘Dhadak,’ casting me into the throes of grief’s tempest. Fathoming the confluence of my responsibilities on set with the maelstrom of personal loss was a labyrinthine endeavor. Yet, amid this cosmic chaos, I embarked on a quest for the will to persist, endeavoring to forge a path through this labyrinth of life’s trials.”

Amidst the tapestry of the year, marking the passage of time, the commemoration of Sridevi’s departure anniversary evoked a cascade of sentiments from Janhvi Kapoor. Emanating from the depths of her heart, her proclamation echoed across the digital realms, resounding with a profound yearning. “Mumma, my search for you is ceaseless, an echo that resonates in every corner of existence. Every endeavor I embark upon, I undertake with the aspiration of embracing your pride. With each step I take, each path I tread—it commences and culminates with you, a testament to your enduring influence.”

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The realm of Sridevi’s artistic legacy is a treasure trove of cinematic gems that have engraved themselves into the annals of time. Titles like “Chandni,” “Lamhe,” “Mr India,” “Chaalbaaz,” “Nagina,” “Sadma,” and the poignant “English Vinglish” stand as iridescent monuments to her craft. Meanwhile, on a divergent note, the imminent debut of Khushi Kapoor, heralded by the cinematic maestro Zoya Akhtar, looms on the horizon, as she prepares to grace the silver screen with her presence in “The Archies,” an artistic endeavor that augurs a new chapter in her journey.