In a somber turn of events, Marathi actor Milind Safai, renowned for his roles in shows like “Aai Kuthe Kay Karte,” has left us. The news of his demise was confirmed by director Sachin Goswami through a heartfelt Facebook post. It has been revealed that Milind Safai had been courageously battling cancer for an extended period.

Fond Remembrances Pour In for Milind Safai

Sachin Gowami, director of “Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra,” paid his respects by sharing a poignant photograph of Milind Safai, accompanied by the words, “Actor Milind Safai. He passed away… A heart-rending update.” Actor Vikas Patil expressed his shock and sadness in response, simply stating, “Shocking.”

Meanwhile, another actor, Jaywant Wadkar, took to social media to offer his emotional tribute. Alongside an image of the late actor, Wadkar conveyed, “We bid farewell to actor Milind Safai, who succumbed to cancer. A tribute filled with emotions.”

The Passing of Milind Safai

According to a report, Milind’s battle came to an end at 10:45 am. He had been undergoing rigorous cancer treatment. It’s worth noting that due to health-related concerns, he was only able to participate in a limited number of episodes for “Aai Kuthe Kay Karte.”

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A Pillar of Marathi Entertainment

Milind Safai held a prominent position among senior actors in the Marathi serial industry. His presence wasn’t confined to television; he also graced the silver screen. Notable works in his filmography include “Premachi Goshta” (2013), “Luckdown” (2022), and “Poshter Boyz” (2014).