Nora Fatehi, known for her fitness and fashion, is a popular Bollywood dancer. She gained popularity with songs like ‘Dilbar’, ‘Saki Saki’, ‘Garmi’, and more. In an interview, Nora spoke about the negative aspects of the Bollywood industry and admitted that she was frequently advised by her PR team to date influential actors for career benefits. However, she proudly states that she never paid attention to these suggestions and instead made her own rules.

She believes that her success is solely due to her own efforts, without any reliance on other actors or heroes. In other news, Nora and Jacqueline Fernandez have been linked to a multimillion money laundering case involving scam artist Sukesh Chandrasekhar.

On July 31, Nora provided her statement in the defamation case she filed against Jacqueline Fernandez at Delhi’s Patiala House Court.

Nora claims that false accusations of being a gold digger and having a relationship with Chandrasekhar were made against her to divert attention from the individuals involved.

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