Renowned RJ Rajan's Demise Shakes Radio Industry After Cardiac Arrest
Renowned RJ Rajan's Demise Shakes Radio Industry After Cardiac Arrest

Nagpur’s esteemed Radio Jockey, RJ Rajan, passed away early on Saturday, leaving a void in the hearts of many. His journey ended due to a sudden cardiac arrest. The Live Nagpur reported that he breathed his last while en route to the hospital. Tragically, at his residence in Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur, he complained of a Brain Haemorrhage, which led to his swift transfer to Neuron Hospital in Dhantoli. Regrettably, he succumbed to a heart attack midway.

The unexpected loss of this beloved RJ has reverberated throughout the radio industry. Friends and fans have turned to social media platforms to express their grief. The news has been met with disbelief, particularly given his relatively young age. Tejinder Singh Renu, in a poignant post, shared a picture of himself and Rajan from their time together in June 2023.

Renu’s words echoed the sentiments of many: “The news of Rj Rajan’s departure due to brain haemorrhage and heart attack is profoundly shocking and saddening. We had shared moments on the 28th of June. Let’s also remember RJ Shubham (23), who left us similarly in 2016. Both exuded joy and positivity… Makes one contemplate lifestyle choices.”

Further information regarding the sudden demise of Rajan is still pending.

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For those unfamiliar, aside from being a distinguished RJ in Nagpur, Rajan was an immensely popular host and singer. His captivating stories could captivate audiences for hours, making him a cherished voice on 94.3 My FM.