RM Attends Frieze Seoul 2023 Exhibition

BTS leader RM recently attended the Frieze Seoul 2023 exhibition, where he shared a series of photos on his Instagram handle. The art festival was also attended by other celebrities such as BTS’ Kim Taehyung, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, and Lee Min Ho. RM’s photos provided fans with a glimpse inside the art event and showcased other visuals from his recent adventures.

RM and Jimin Appreciate Lee Bae’s Creations

RM and Jimin were seen appreciating one of the art installations by Lee Bae. The duo dressed casually and wore face masks, blending in with the crowd. Nathan Clements-Gillespie, the director of Frieze Masters, also shared a group photo with RM and Jimin.

Fans Share Their Joy on Social Media

Fans expressed their happiness upon seeing RM and Jimin together. The pair is affectionately called “MiniMoni” by fans. One fan wrote, “Cutest,” while another commented on their continuous affection. Fans also noticed and adored the height difference between the two.

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Additional candid photos of Park Jimin and RM at the art fair have been circulating online. This is not their first joint appearance for an event, as both artists share a deep love for art. RM frequently supports art-related events and showcases his passion for the medium.

Jungkook’s Airport Appearance Causes Frenzy

BTS’ youngest member, Jungkook, returned to Seoul, South Korea, and made headlines with his airport appearance. Many people, including paparazzi, gathered at the airport terminal to catch a glimpse of the talented singer.

Upon arrival, Jungkook greeted everyone and even waved at fans. However, the situation escalated when a group of fans started chasing him, leading to concerns about his safety. Fans took to social media to express their worry and anger, urging for improved security measures for the singer.