Actress Saiyami Kher orchestrated a special screening event for her movie “Ghoomer,” where cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar personally witnessed the film and praised her remarkable performance.

After the screening, Sachin expressed his desire to witness Saiyami’s expertise in the art of Ghoomer bowling.

Saiyami graciously accepted his request, leaving Sachin momentarily speechless with her demonstration. Impressed by her portrayal, Sachin commended Saiyami’s authentic performance, attributing it to her genuine passion for cricket and her keen understanding of her character’s intricacies.

Saiyami shared the video of this encounter on social media, reflecting on a cherished childhood dream. She expressed, “What’s the one dream you had as a child that you never thought could never come true? Mine was that someday, I would get to meet my hero, my inspiration, my teacher. I have loved and learnt this game watching him play.”

She recounted the exhilarating “Sachinnn Sachhhin” chant from the North Stand, recalling her fervor for Sachin’s iconic moments on the cricket field. Saiyami continued, “So, I can’t seem to explain what this means to me. His 136 at Chennai, the Sharjah Storm, 241 at Sydney, 98 vs Pakistan, the list is endless. He gave me joy, he taught me how to fight, he taught me passion, how to never give up, how to work hard, and how to stay grounded.”

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As she embarked on her acting journey, Saiyami set a personal goal inspired by her friends’ jests: “Ja ja, acting kar. Someday Sachin will watch your film.” She tirelessly pursued that goal, dedicating herself to her craft with the hope that one day, the Master would witness her work.

“And then, it happened,” she proclaimed, relishing the culmination of her aspiration. “The God of Cricket saw a film in which I play a cricketer. The God of Cricket asked me to show him how I bowled the Ghoomer. Dreams really do come true. This. This part of my life is called happiness.”

Directed by R. Balki and also starring Abhishek Bachchan, “Ghoomer” has captured not only the essence of the film but also the surreal joy of a cherished dream realized.