Sai Pallavi, the popular actress, has finally addressed the fake wedding picture that recently went viral on social media. In a post on her X account (formerly known as Twitter), she strongly condemned those responsible for spreading false information. Pallavi stated, “Honestly, I don’t care for rumors, but when it involves friends who are like family, I have to speak up.”

Intentional Misrepre sentation

The actress revealed that the viral image was actually taken from a pooja ceremony for one of her films. It had been deliberately cropped and circulated with the help of paid bots and malicious intentions. Expressing her disappointment, Pallavi added, “When I have exciting announcements to share about my work, it’s disheartening to have to explain these baseless actions. To cause discomfort like this is purely vile!”

Support from Fans

Many of Pallavi’s fans rallied behind her, urging her not to take social media seriously and advising her to ignore the rumors. One fan even suggested, “Keep calm and ignore negativity.” It is evident that her supporters understand the nature of social media and the prevalence of fake news.

The Controversial Photo

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The photo that sparked the rumors featured Sai Pallavi alongside filmmaker Rajkumar Periyasamy. Both were dressed in traditional attire and wore matching garlands, leading to speculation about a secret wedding. However, it has now been clarified that the image was taken out of context and had no connection to any real-life event.