MUMBAI, Aug 20: Renowned actor Salman Khan made a striking appearance outside his Mumbai residence, debuting a daring new hairstyle. The actor sported a bald look during his visit to a restaurant on Sunday evening, leaving onlookers and fans in awe. Multiple images and videos capturing the actor’s transformation swiftly surfaced across the Internet.

A video, shared on Instagram by a paparazzo, depicted Salman’s arrival at the restaurant, arriving in his car while sporting his new bald look. Adorned in a black shirt accompanied by matching pants, the actor exuded his signature style. As he reached the location, a person extended a warm welcome to him. Salman reciprocated the gesture, shaking hands with the individual before proceeding to enter the restaurant.

The bold transformation has certainly captured the attention of fans and followers, stirring conversations and speculation about the reason behind Salman’s audacious new appearance.

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