Apart from her charming personality and warm nature, Sara Ali Khan’s religious side is also not hidden from her fans. The actress is often seen offering prayers at temples and dargahs. While she is praised by fans for the same, some even criticised her.

Talking about not seeking validation, Sara while interacting with Vogue said, “I learned that my sense of validation should not come from anything external, including the way I look. So I grew up with qualities that were very innate, very inherent, very internal. And because they’re rooted in such a secure place inside me, I’m not fazed by other people’s opinions of me. At my core, I’m still the same girl that went to Columbia to study Russian history. I think having a strong sense of self and not defining myself by what people think of me is the only way to keep going.”

She also added, “I definitely appreciate any kind of criticism when it comes to my work. I work for the audience and if they don’t like my work, it behoves me to see what I can do better. But if they have an opinion on anything personal, whether it’s my religious beliefs, my sense of dressing or my non-blow-dried hair at the airport, I don’t care.”