The resounding applause of recognition echoes as Shreya Ghoshal, a luminary in the world of music, clinches her fifth National Film Award. The 69th National Film Award jury made a resolute proclamation on Thursday, heralding Shreya’s victorious grasp of the Best Female Playback Singer title. This honor was bestowed upon her mesmerizing rendition of ‘Mayava Chayava,’ an enchanting piece featured in the film ‘Iravin Nizhal.’

For all the ardent supporters of Shreya Ghoshal, a wave of exhilaration sweeps over as her prowess is celebrated anew. The illustrious ‘Piyu Bole’ melodist etches her name in history once again by securing her fifth National Film Award. The announcement, eagerly anticipated by her devoted fan base, stands as a testament to her enduring dedication to musical excellence.

Rewinding to the commencement of her illustrious journey, Shreya Ghoshal’s tryst with the National Award commenced in 2003, when her poignant voice graced the unforgettable song ‘Bairy Piya’ from the cinematic masterpiece ‘Devdas.’ The passage of time brought forth further recognition, as she secured National Awards for her soulful renditions in ‘Dheere Jalna’ from ‘Paheli’ and ‘Yeh Ishq Haaye’ from the iconic ‘Jab We Met.’

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The year 2010 further solidified her musical legacy, as Shreya attained a National Award for not just one but two remarkable songs: ‘Jiv Dangla’ from the Marathi film ‘Jogva’ and ‘Pherari Mon’ from the Bengali gem ‘Antaheen.’

Since its inception in 1954, the National Film Awards have maintained their stature as one of the most revered events in the country’s cultural landscape. These awards, culminating in a ceremonious presentation by the Hon’ble President of India, serve as a symbol of recognition and appreciation for cinematic excellence. The celebration extends beyond the awards ceremony, as the award-winning films captivate audiences, offering a glimpse into the tapestry of creativity and storytelling that defines the nation’s cinematic prowess.