Dev Anand: The Romantic Icon

Dev Anand, the legendary heartthrob of yesteryears known for his romantic films and iconic style, was not just a romantic on screen but also in real life. In 2008, he candidly confessed to being “always in love,” a sentiment that resonated with his on-screen persona.

The Suraiya Chapter

Dev Anand’s personal life, particularly his relationships with three remarkable women, has always captivated public interest. The first chapter of his romantic journey unfolded with actress Suraiya between 1948 and 1951. During this period, Dev Anand starred opposite the singer and actor in a series of films, including Vidya, Jeet, and Shair. Their love story reportedly blossomed during the filming of the song Kinare Kinare Chale Jayenge from the movie Vidya, where Dev Anand came to Suraiya’s rescue as their boat capsized.

In their affectionate exchange, Suraiya fondly called him Devina, while he referred to her as Suraiyana. Dev Anand also playfully nicknamed her Nosey, while she affectionately called him Steve, inspired by a book he had gifted her. Initially, Suraiya’s family welcomed Dev Anand, but when her grandmother discovered their love, she began monitoring their relationship closely.

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Their desire to marry was met with opposition, primarily due to religious differences, despite Dev Anand gifting Suraiya a significant diamond ring worth Rs 3,000. Unfortunately, the ring met a watery end when her grandmother threw it into the sea. Suraiya’s family eventually threatened Dev Anand’s life, prompting her to remain unmarried for the rest of her days.

The Kalpana Kartik Era

Dev Anand’s romantic saga continued when he fell for his Baazi co-star, Kalpana Kartik. The couple tied the knot in 1954, and they shared a son, Suneil Anand, and a daughter, Devina. In a 2015 interview, Kalpana fondly remembered her late husband, emphasizing that their love never waned despite the misconceptions of separation. She cherished Dev Anand as a caring husband and father, stating, “To me, he is always Dev Anand, my husband.”

Another Love Interest: Zeenat Aman

Another intriguing chapter in Dev Anand’s love life unfolded during the making of Hare Rama Hare Krishna when he developed feelings for Zeenat Aman. In his autobiography, Romancing With Life, Dev Anand described his growing affection for Zeenat, noting her radiant presence and jubilant demeanor.

He even planned a romantic date at Rendezvous Taj to confess his feelings, but he never went through with it after observing Zeenat’s admiration for Raj Kapoor. Zeenat Aman, during a book launch, claimed that she was unaware of Dev Anand’s sentiments.

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Dev Anand’s love life was filled with passion and romance, both on and off the screen. From his enchanting relationship with Suraiya to his enduring love for Kalpana Kartik, Dev Anand left a mark on the hearts of his fans and the women he loved. His legacy as a romantic icon continues to inspire generations.