Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update – September 2

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, 2nd September written update:

Episode Summary

The Episode starts with Akshara hugging and consoling Muskaan as she misses Abhinav. Muskaan tells her that she will not be able to come for the Raksha Bandhan celebrations as she cannot hold back her tears. Manish tells Kairav that it is not easy to understand Muskaan’s feelings and she needs to move on from the pain herself. Akshara requests Kairav to give Muskaan some time. Abhi and Ruhi discuss Rakhi celebrations and decide to buy gifts for each other.

The next morning, the Birla ladies prepare for Rakhi celebrations. Abhi and Parth receive rakhis from Nishtha while Akshara makes a swastik on the door for the peace of the family. Later, Akshara asks Kairav about Muskaan and he tells her she went to the office. Kairav feels helpless that he is failing as a husband while Akshara asks him to support Muskaan in her sorrow. Muskaan shares her pain with Neela on call who advises her to not lose the family that she got because of Abhinav. Later, Akshara receives a call that her client ran away due to the fear of her in-laws. Akshara leaves while goons show up at the house. The goons mistake Muskaan to be Akshara and try to kidnap her.

Akshara comes back and warns the goons to not come near her house. She beats up the goons while Muskaan screams out of fear. Abhi enters with his family while Akshara thrashes the goons with a bat. Akshara holds Muskaan’s hand and asks if she is fine. Muskaan tells her that earlier she believed that she had no one to protect her after Abhinav but she forgot Akshara was always there for her. Muskaan ties a rakhi on Akshara’s wrist. Later, Akshara and Arohi tie rakhi to Kairav and receive gifts from him. Abhir-Ruhi and Manji-Mahima tie rakhi to each other as well. Later Abhi calls Akshara a fighter while Abhir talks to Abhinav’s picture about his mother’s brave act. The next morning, Mahima announces Abhi as the new MD of the Birla Hospital which upsets Parth.