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Anupamaa Discovers a Suspicious Receipt

While going through Guru Maa’s suitcase at the dance academy, Anupamaa finds a receipt that catches her attention. The receipt shows a sum of ₹25,000 and the word “Ashram” written on it. Anupamaa begins to speculate if Gurumaa has given her own son up for adoption. This thought troubles her deeply and she questions herself for considering such a possibility.

Anupamaa Begins Her Search for Guru Maa’s Son

Upon confirming that Guru Maa does have a son, Anupamaa decides to unravel the mystery. She believes that Guru Maa’s son would now be over 40 years old and may no longer be residing in an orphanage. Determined to find answers, she resolves to start her search for Guru Maa’s son.

Kavya Expresses Her Happiness

Kavya is ecstatic and shares her joy with her unborn child after receiving gratitude from Leela. She sees this as a positive sign and the beginning of a new journey.

Leela’s Health Concerns

Vanraj and Kinjal take care of Leela’s health as she jokes about preferring poison to tasteless soup. Vanraj reminds Leela to eat healthily, while Kinjal reminds her to take her medication on time. Despite their efforts, Leela reassures them that she will comply. Vanraj decides not to inform Anupamaa about Leela’s condition yet, as she is already dealing with stress related to Guru Maa. However, Kinjal insists on informing Anupamaa before she finds out and becomes upset.

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Anupamaa Shares her Discoveries with Anuj

Returning home, Anupamaa safely keeps the file containing Guru Maa’s son’s birth certificate in her cupboard. Anuj, waking up from his nap, inquires about her whereabouts. Anupamaa confesses that she was at Gurukul, searching for clues about Guru Maa’s family. She also reveals that Leela has fainted, shocking Anuj. Anupamaa plans to visit Leela first thing in the morning, while Anuj offers to take her for medical treatment. Anupamaa also shares her findings about Guru Maa’s son, leading Anuj to speculate that Guru Maa may treat him as her own.

Vanraj’s Worries and Hasmukh’s Insight

Vanraj expresses his anxiety about the thought of life without Leela and Hasmukh. He confesses his love for them and his desire for their well-being. Leela assures him that one day they will have to depart, but Vanraj wishes for them to stay with him. Hasmukh, who overheard the conversation, admits that Vanraj may be a good son but a bad husband to Anupamaa and could possibly be a better husband to Kavya.

Samar Shares Tragic News

During a religious ritual at Kapadia Mention, Samar arrives crying and informs Anupamaa about his best friend Manoj’s death in a road accident. Anupamaa prays for Manoj’s soul and comforts Samar. She learns that Manoj’s wife is pregnant and decides to take out an insurance policy for their child. Anupamaa prays for her own children and for support for Manoj’s family.

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Guru Maa’s Condition Confuses Her

Anupamaa sits with Guru Maa and shows her a picture from their past, hoping to trigger her memory. However, Guru Maa struggles to recognize Anupamaa due to her condition. Anupamaa advises her not to strain her brain.

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