Archana Puran Singh recently gave a befitting reply to a troll who mocked her appearance. Days after, the actress has now answered if trolls take leverage of Kapil Sharma joking about her on his popular comedy show. Archana is a permanent guest on The Kapil Shama Show.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Archana Puran Singh defended Kapil Sharma and made it clear that his jokes are not meant to hurt anyone. “Comedy is meant to be irreverent and it has to underline certain things for the purpose of humour. It is not meant to hurt anybody. We are openly disclosing on The Kapil Sharma Show that it is a comedy platform and nothing over here has to be taken seriously,” he said.

The actress further revealed that Kapil Sharma says things on his show only out of ‘love and naughtiness’. “His tone also gives a little lightness to the joke and he has a high spirit. When Kapil says it, it is full of humour, love, and naughtiness. He knows he is taking a panga; woh sorry bhi bolta hai when I jokingly say, ‘Main aakar maarungi’. It is so wholesome. Don’t look at a comedy show and think that he is giving a social message,” she added.

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Interestingly, this comes days after Sumona Chakravarti admitted feeling bad when Kapil joked about her mouth and lips in TKSS. “The initial days were a little challenging because I remember they made fun of my mouth. They tried it in the very first episode to crack a joke on my mouth, and it didn’t work. It fell flat, and not one soul laughed. Then they dropped it, and eventually, in the other shows, it sort of worked. And I remember I felt really bad,” Sumona told The Habit Coach as quoted by Indian Express.

Meanwhile, the latest season of The Kapil Sharma Show recently went off-air. The comedian is now in the US with his team to host shows.