The culmination of Bigg Boss OTT’s second season is on the precipice, with the grand finale merely three days away, poised to unveil its victor. Throughout this climactic week, an array of guests has graced the precincts of the Bigg Boss OTT abode, engaging in spirited interactions and entertaining tasks with the contestants. Predominantly, these guests have hailed from the realm of social media or have etched their presence as prominent YouTubers, which consequently left Bebika Dhurve grappling with a sense of disillusionment.

In a recent episode, Bebika chose to confide in her trusted ally Pooja Bhatt, unburdening her sentiments. She candidly articulated her perception that certain contestants, namely Abhishek Malhan, Manisha Rani, and Elvish Yadav, have been beneficiaries of favoritism. Bebika aired her thoughts, stating, “They seem to be bestowed with numerous advantages due to their robust presence on social media platforms, unlike us. Moreover, all the visitors who have thus far graced the show are primarily affiliated with the domain of social media. It appears that they have exhibited a pronounced affinity towards these individuals. I often felt isolated. Throughout my life, I have encountered numerous instances where I had to navigate solo, devoid of any backup, as it were.”

Although initially Pooja Bhatt responded with a commendatory tone, she swiftly corrected Bebika’s perception by reminding her of the steadfast support she had received within the precincts of the Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 house. Pooja Bhatt underscored that Bebika had never truly been alone, with companions like Cyrus Broacha standing by her side, coupled with the unwavering allegiance of Avinash Sachdev, who, despite their disparities, had repeatedly championed her cause.

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In a separate incident, Bebika found herself perturbed by the considerable fan followings of Elvish, Abhishek, and Manisha. This disquietude prompted her to engage in a discourse with Pooja Bhatt. The two contemplated the repercussions of Abhishek Malhan’s triumph on Elvish Yadav, speculating that his victory would imbue Elvish with a similar sense of elation. Conversely, they conjectured that the converse might not hold true for Abhishek, should Elvish seize the laurels. A parallel narrative unfolded regarding Manisha, with the duo surmising that she might celebrate Abhishek’s victory yet remain disinclined to endorse Elvish’s conquest.

The grand finale of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 is slated for broadcast on August 14, promising to culminate this riveting journey with a flourish.