The latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2 saw the contestants fighting to make a place in the finale. Bigg Boss divides the house in three teams and gives everyone a chance to make a place for themselves in the finale. Bebika, Jiya and Elvish won the task with their ‘viral-content’ worthy performance. Bigg Boss introduced contestants to the Ticket to Finale task in the latest episode. Bigg Boss announced that he will be making three teams, who have to give “viral-content” worthy performance one by one and whoever gets the most likes by the audience will stand a chance to winning the Ticket to Finale. During the task, Jiya was seen flirting with Abhishek Malhan and talking about her feelings for him.

Jiya said that she and Abhishek are close since day one and now she has started to like him. Abhishek jokes saying that he was never into her. Jiya then says that she knows that he is joking and likes her two. Further, the actress says that she likes innocent guys.

Jiya told Abhishek, “We are close since day one, I like how you are very innocent and I’m into ‘sharif’ guys anyways. Manisha was asking me if I like you and I think you already know the answer.” Abhishek joked saying, “Don’t try to take advantage of me or touch me as I don’t like being touched.”

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Manisha Rani was also seen questioning Jiya Shankar about her feelings for Abhishek during the task. She asked her if she really likes Abhishek or is it just for the game. However, Jiya refused to answer and said that it’s between her and Abhishek and she doesn’t want to talk about it to anyone.

Jiya, Elvish and Bebika won the task and got one step ahead in the Ticket to Finale task.