The First Captaincy Task Sparks Chaos in Bigg Boss Telugu 7

In a dramatic turn of events, the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 house witnessed its first captaincy task, bringing with it a wave of excitement and tension. The episode began with Teja’s release from jail, and the housemates were reminded that only those with Power Astra were confirmed residents, leaving others unconfirmed.

Bigg Boss dropped a bombshell by instructing confirmed housemates Sandeep, Shobha, and Prashant to relinquish their Power Astras. This directive sent shockwaves through the trio, as they grappled with the fear of becoming ordinary contestants. Shivaji, who lost his Power Astra due to a previous mistake, began to suspect that this move might have demoted them as well.

Who is your Buddy?

In a twist, Bigg Boss then tasked the housemates with selecting a “best buddy” from among their peers, emphasizing that this decision would significantly impact their future in the house. Pairs were formed: Gowtham with Shubha, Shivaji with Prashant, Amar with Sandeep, Priyanka with Shobha, and Prince with Teja. These buddy pairs were told they would compete together in the upcoming captaincy task.

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Captaincy Task:

The captaincy task itself was a test of wit and teamwork. The pairs were required to crawl through pits, search for hidden teeth (pieces of a photograph), and use those teeth to complete a smiley face on a photo. The first pair to complete this task would be awarded stars.

As the task unfolded, the intensity and competition escalated. However, some housemates resorted to foul play. Shobha, for instance, was caught hiding others’ photos inside her dress to sabotage their chances. Prince also contributed to the chaos by meticulously scrutinizing and criticizing the smiley photos arranged by other contestants.

Chaos in the House:

The task soon descended into chaos, with housemates shouting at one another. Amar’s arrogance and choice of foul language, particularly directed at Shubha, added fuel to the fire. Furthermore, Shobha and Prince, who were acting as Sanchalaks (task referees), found themselves in a heated disagreement over deciding the winners.

After much turmoil, Prince conceded and asked Shobha to announce the results. Initially, she declared Shivaji and Prashant as winners, with Amar and Sandeep as runners-up. However, disagreements among the teams and a change of heart from the Sanchalak led to a different outcome. In the end, Gowtham and Shubha were declared the winners, with Amar and Sandeep in second place, Shivaji and Prashant in third place, and Shobha and Priyanka in fourth place.

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The chaos and confusion that unfolded during this captaincy task suggest that the competition in the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 house is heating up. With more tasks and challenges on the horizon, viewers can expect further drama and surprises in the days to come.