The vibrant country music trio, Chapel Hart, hailing from Poplarville, Mississippi, made an impactful journey to the top five finalists on the esteemed platform of “America’s Got Talent.” Their incredible run, while falling shy of the ultimate victory, captured the hearts of many devoted fans.

The 18th season of “America’s Got Talent” is in full swing, igniting the stage with 55 remarkable acts who impressed the discerning judges: Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel. These talented contestants now embark on an exciting phase of live performances, vying for the coveted spot in the final round.

The live shows commence this week, promising an exhilarating showdown of talents. Each episode, spanning Tuesday nights, will showcase 11 acts, eagerly awaiting the verdict of the audience. The anticipation culminates on Wednesday nights, when the results are unveiled.

Here’s your guide to tune into the riveting “America’s Got Talent” season 18 live shows:

When Do the “AGT” Live Shows Commence?

The curtain rises on the “America’s Got Talent” live shows this Tuesday. The fervor continues with weekly episodes on Tuesdays, followed by the revealing results on Wednesdays.

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How to Catch “America’s Got Talent”

Immerse yourself in the magic of “America’s Got Talent” by tuning in to NBC at 8 p.m. ET on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Stream the Spectacle of “America’s Got Talent”

If you happen to miss the live broadcast, fret not. Catch up on the excitement by streaming “America’s Got Talent” episodes the day after their airing on Peacock, the dynamic streaming platform of NBCUniversal.

Honoring a Remarkable Voice from the Past

The auditions of Season 18 commenced with an emotionally charged moment as the Mzansi Youth Choir from South Africa earned the inaugural Audience Golden Buzzer. Their rendition of “It’s Okay,” a composition by the late Jane Marczewski, also known as Nightbirde from Season 16, served as a poignant tribute. Jane’s voice, even after her passing in 2022, continues to resonate within the hearts of the “AGT” community.

As “America’s Got Talent” forges ahead with its electrifying 18th season, Chapel Hart’s fervent supporters stand united, amplifying their voices to champion this trio’s indelible mark on the stage. The journey unfolds with anticipation and admiration, proving that the spirit of talent and unity knows no bounds.