A Shocking Turn of Events

This week, Jujutsu Kaisen deals a heavy blow to fans when Gojo’s apparent victory suddenly changes into his brutal death.
The strongest sorcerer alive loses the battle against Sukuna and gives way for Kashimo to jump right on the battlefield.

Meeting Deceased Friends

Gojo meets all his deceased friends one by one, starting with Geto. He admits that Sukuna was much stronger than him and reflects on his battle with him. After conversing with each friend, Gojo bids them farewell. This scene leaves many fans wondering why Gojo would leave those in the afterlife.

A Different Interpretation

Our theory about this scene is that Gojo’s meeting with his friends in the afterlife is not a literal reunion, but a visualization of his own thoughts and memories. Similar visualizations occurred with other characters in the past, providing them comfort in their final moments. Gojo’s high school days, filled with both good and bad experiences, likely left him with bittersweet memories and regrets.

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Accepting Death

In Chapter 236, Gojo is in a state of limbo, unable to decide what to do next. His friends serve as guides, helping him come to terms with his death. Ultimately, Gojo accepts his fate and bids farewell to his friends. The scene then transitions to the real world, where we see his lifeless body.

Significance of Bidding Farewell

The farewell could be related to Mei Mei’s theory of “north and south” mentioned by Nanami. Choosing the “south” option means returning to one’s former self, while choosing the “north” option leads to becoming a newer version of oneself. Gojo, feeling isolated and burdened by his position as the strongest sorcerer, likely does not wish to return to that state. Bidding farewell to his friends signifies his letting go of the past and the regrets he carried with him.

The Symbolism of the Lotus Flower

The lotus flower, a symbol of purity, spiritual awakening, and rebirth, holds significance in Gojo’s story. Gege Akutami draws inspiration from Buddhism, where the lotus flower represents enlightenment. Satoru, meaning “enlightener,” further justifies the hidden meaning behind the flower. This suggests that Gojo’s journey has reached its end, and he will not be coming back unless the author decides otherwise.

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Chapter 236 of Jujutsu Kaisen leaves fans with a confusing afterlife scenario for Gojo. However, by analyzing the symbolism and interpreting the events, we can gain a deeper understanding of Gojo’s journey and his acceptance of death.