‘Sort Of’ Canceled; Comedy Series To End With Season 3 On Max – Deadline

Creators Announce Series Conclusion

Bilal Baig and Fab Filippo, the co-creators of the comedy series Sort Of, have announced that the upcoming third season will be its last. They made the announcement on Instagram, emphasizing that it was their decision to end the show. Baig and Filippo had intentionally created the third season with the knowledge that it would be the final installment.

Completing the Story of Transition

In their statement, Baig and Filippo described their intention to tell a story about a transition period in the life of the protagonist, Sabi. They wanted to explore how this transition impacts not only Sabi but also those around them. They believe that the story reached a suitable conclusion in the upcoming season. They also acknowledged the continued targeting of trans communities and the attacks on trans rights, expressing their hope that the series would continue to affirm lives and generate meaningful conversations beyond its finale.

Premiere Details and Background

The final season of Sort Of will premiere on November 17th, 2022, in Canada on the free CBC Gem streaming service. Additionally, it will be available on Max in early 2024. The critically acclaimed comedy series follows the journey of Sabi Mehboob, a gender-fluid millennial navigating various aspects of their life, including love, family, and career. Sort Of aims to challenge traditional identities and labels that no longer apply. The show is a co-production of CBC and Sienna Films, with Jennifer Kawaja serving as an executive producer.

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Closing Statement: Gratitude and Farewell

Baig and Filippo expressed their gratitude to the Sort Of community for warmly embracing the show and supporting its creative endeavors. They acknowledged the profound impact the series has had on audiences and the difficulty they faced in deciding to end it. While recognizing the tendency to cancel shows featuring queer and trans characters, they assured fans that this decision was premeditated. They extended their appreciation to Sphere Media, CBC, and Max for their belief in the story and their commitment to bringing it to life. Despite the challenging climate for trans communities, Baig and Filippo aspired for Sort Of to endure as a source of empowerment. The final season will premiere worldwide following its initial release in Canada.

Baig and Filippo’s Complete Statement:

“To our dear Sort Of community, We’ve got an announcement to share with you all. Along with the producing team behind Sort Of, we have chosen to end the series with this upcoming third and final season. We want to thank you for welcoming this show so graciously into your worlds and for celebrating our work with generosity. We know how much the series means to a lot of you — it means so much to us too. It’s been such an incredible privilege to make this show for these last three years, working with every single person, cast and crew, who helped make our vision a reality. We feel incredibly fortunate to have received your love and enthusiasm and passion for all things Sort Of and to be totally real, to end the show was a very difficult decision to make. We set out to tell a story about a kind of transition in Sabi’s life, and how those around them also change — and we feel in this coming season that story came to an end in a way that felt right for us. We’re aware that series like ours, shows that feature queer and trans characters, tend to get cancelled early on, and we know that’s been happening a lot recently. We want to say that’s not what’s going down here. We made this third season knowing it would be our last. A big shout-out to Sphere Media, CBC and Max for believing in the story and for helping us tell it over these last few years. We’re also aware that this show is ending at a time when trans communities continue to be targeted and trans rights are being constantly attacked. Our hope is that this series can continue to affirm lives and spark conversations well after the final season drops. Sort Of will always exist, despite all the transphobia in our world. The final season will make its world premiere in Canada on the free CBC Gem streaming service beginning November 17th and in early 2024 on Max and soon after all over the world. We hope you love watching this season as much as we loved making it. Thank you for sharing in the laughter and the tears with us. Take care out there, and goodbye for now!”