Drama and Nominations Unfold on Day 2 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7

The second day inside the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 house brought with it a whirlwind of emotions, as nominations, intense arguments, and unexpected revelations took center stage. Contestants wasted no time in vying for their place in the house, leading to the formation of alliances and rivalries that promise to shape the season.

Shobha Shetty’s Controversial Nominations

The day kicked off with a bang as Shobha Shetty made her nominations. She chose to nominate Kiran Rathod, citing her lack of proficiency in Telugu as the primary reason. Shobha didn’t stop there; she also pointed the finger at Gowtham Krishna, accusing him of failing to build meaningful connections with fellow housemates. However, her explanations were met with skepticism and criticism from other contestants who found her reasoning insufficient.

What followed was a fiery exchange between Shobha and Gowtham, with other housemates joining in on the dispute. In contrast, Kiran Rathod adopted a more diplomatic approach and managed to defuse the tension with a warm embrace.

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Damini’s Nominations and Shobha’s Tears

Damini had her say during the nominations, singling out Rathika Rose for her perceived lack of contribution in the kitchen and other household activities. She also nominated Shobha Shetty, alleging that Shobha had not adequately cleaned the utensils she used. Shobha vehemently denied these allegations but found herself facing criticism, particularly for shedding tears over what some considered trivial matters, leaving viewers perplexed.

Prince’s Retaliation and Sandeep’s Nominations

In a move of retaliation, Prince nominated Shakeela, who had previously spoken to him rudely. He also nominated Gowtham Krishna, accusing him of falsely claiming that Prince was excessively showcasing his physique. Gowtham defended himself and shifted the blame to Teja for miscommunication.

Meanwhile, Sandeep cast his nominations, targeting Rathika for what he perceived as her irresponsibility and disorganization. He also nominated Prince for similar reasons. Later, Sandeep engaged in a personal conversation with Gowtham and Rathika in an attempt to resolve their issues.

Shakeela and Gowtham’s Nominations

Shakeela was not one to back down, as she retaliated by nominating Prince and Pallavi Prashant, the latter for what she felt was an inadequate response. Gowtham reciprocated by nominating Prince for what he saw as an overemphasis on fitness over social interaction and Shobha Shetty for her perceived lack of activity. Notably, both Prince and Shobha had previously nominated Gowtham.