The Bold and the Beautiful: Eric’s Final Collection

Inspiration Strikes

In the design office, Katie and Carter canoodle and kiss. She asks if he’s seen Ridge latest designs. Carter says he’s had a peek. Katie has too, and thinks it may be his best collection yet.

A New Beginning

In the main office, Thomas listens as the models Ridge is working with wonder if this collection is so great because he reconciled with Brooke. After they file out, Thomas agrees. He hasn’t seen his dad this inspired in eons. Ridge says Brooke has that affect on him.

A Shocking Revelation

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke can’t believe what Eric is saying: He’s going to do a collection behind Ridge’s back?! Eric vows he’s going to do it and gives an impassioned speech. When he goes into the office, he feels like people don’t see him; they don’t see him for who he is. “And I will not be shelved. Certainly not by my own son.” Donna and Brooke both have tears as they look at him and RJ.

The Future of Forrester

In the design office, Katie and Carter agree that couture is the backbone of the company. Carter goes on about Eric and can’t imagine the place without him. Katie argues that the passing of the baton has been going on for some time now, and Brooke told her that they’d like to see Eric retire and relax. Carter didn’t get that sense from Eric and can’t imagine him walking away — he is still a vital part of the company.

A Complicated Relationship

In the main office, Thomas tells his father that if getting back together with Brooke is behind his new collection, he’s all for it. He thinks the company is in good hands. Ridge grunts, “I’m not sure your grandfather agrees.” Thomas frowns, “Why would he not?” Ridge says he knows his father is proud of him, but things have been a little complicated. “I think your grandfather thinks I want to push him out of the company,” Ridge explains.

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A Father’s Concern

Thomas has a hard time believing that his grandfather thinks Ridge is trying to make him obsolete. Ridge has a hard time with that too, but they’ve had some strange exchanges lately. It’s not creative because they don’t work together anymore. He just told him that it may be time for him to step back and take a break. He’s OK running this.

A Legacy to Uphold

Thomas understands a little bit of where Eric is coming from, Forrester is an extension of himself. Ridge reflects on the good time they had in there as kids. He tells Thomas about the stapler Eric had on his desk. Someone threw it out and it meant a lot to him. Thomas says that’s too bad. Ridge says what’s too bad is that he thinks it was him telling him he shouldn’t be working anymore.

An Emotional Departure

Thomas has a hard time understanding that. Ridge says, “Me too, but here we are.” He wants his father to enjoy these years, “I’m running this place. I’m running it because he asked me to.” Thomas advises Ridge to remember those words because one day it will be time for him to step down. Ridge grunts, “I know. It’s going to be tough. It’s going to be hard, I’m going to be sad. But then I’m going to see you there to takeover and it’s going to make me happy.”

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A Vision for the Future

In the Forrester living room, Eric complains about the way Ridge has been talking to him lately, “He’s been talking down to me, he’s been insulting me.” He’s been arrogant and is treating him like some dinosaur. Brooke denies it’s true. Ridge loves him and looks up to him. Eric and RJ exchange a glance. Brooke explains he’s just concerned about Eric, who needs to relax and spend some time with Donna. Donna says she wants what Eric wants and right now that is to create his final collection.

Down Memory Lane

Brooke doesn’t have a problem with that, and she appreciates him bringing RJ in on it, but why the secrecy? “Why leave Ridge out of this?” Eric doesn’t want him to do this with him. He knows the time will come when it’s time for him to hand the reins to someone else, but not now. He has one good collection left in him and this is it. “It’s no one else’s, it’s mine.” Brooke points out that Eric is working with RJ, so why not have Ridge’s help too. Eric says he’d just shove him aside. That’s what he’s doing! When he started the company, every collection was him alone. That’s what this one will be. He warns Brooke to tell Ridge he’d better be at the top of his game because he’s coming for him, “You tell him that. I’m coming for him!”

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The Family’s Support

In the main office, Brooke arrives to find Ridge sketching. He asks if she spoke to Donna. Brooke says that Eric was there and so was their son. RJ isn’t seeing a young lady, “RJ is designing… with your father.” Ridge finds that amazing and asks why he’s just hearing about this now. Brooke just found out. The living room has turned into a design studio. Eric is working on his last collection and he told her to tell him that he’d better step up his game, “He’s coming for you.”

A Proud Legacy

In the Forrester living room, Eric tells RJ and Donna about his and Stephanie’s vision of building the company for their kids. One day he would step down, “But not yet.” He won’t be put out to pasture just yet. “The best is yet to come.” RJ and Donna beam at him.

Next On The Bold and the Beautiful

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