Kumkum Bhagya 7th August 2023 Full Written Update.

Pallavi informs Vikram and Dida about Ranbir and Mihika’s relationship. She shares that Ranbir is very happy and wishes to marry Mihika. She mentions how Prachi took Ranbir away, and Rhea separated him from everyone, but Mihika managed to bring him back to the family. Dida recalls seeing Ranbir with Prachi and expresses her desire to meet him and talk to him.

Meanwhile, Mihika wakes up to find Mayank throwing stones at her window. Mayank behaves strangely and professes his love for her. Despite her insistence that she is happy in her life, he becomes aggressive and claims that she will only be happy with him. Mihika tries to calm him down and lies to send him away.

Ranbir notices that Prachi is wearing the mangalsutra he gave her and realizes that she still loves him despite pretending otherwise. He decides to play the same game and defeat her. Akshay informs him that he invited Pallavi to their house, and Ranbir is pleasantly surprised when Aryan comes home as a surprise. Akshay invites Aryan to the engagement, and Aryan agrees to attend.

Aryan questions Ranbir about his engagement to Mihika, and Ranbir admits it’s not an easy situation, but he can’t explain the whole story to him. Shahana meets Prachi and encourages her to confront Ranbir instead of running away from her feelings. She prays for them.

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Later, Divya and Vishaka notice Mihika’s tension and wonder if she had a fight with Ranbir. Ranbir tells Aryan about his fake love story with Mihika, and Shahana urges Prachi to reveal the truth. Both Ranbir and Prachi try to deny their true feelings for each other but think about each other deeply.

Aryan and Shahana coincidentally meet at Tandon’s house. Ranbir tells Prachi that he is marrying Mihika and taunts her, even suggesting the name Mrs. Prachi Ranbir Kohli for her. Despite their banter, Ranbir and Prachi arrive at Tandon’s luxurious house for the engagement, where Prachi is set to do the decorations.